Project Zap.
Efficient EV charging service


Ruixin J. Zhang


More and more people choose to purchase EV cars nowadays. However, EV cars have a limited range comparing to cars using gas. So for EV car users, it is important to have more accessible charging points.


Efficient EV charging service to help EV drivers reach the destinations


A service to help EV drivers quickly find a charging point in their neighborhood


value hypothesis map

Not enough charging points

Many countries have dedicated plans and upcoming policies to increase the charging units. However, the increase of charging units offered by energy companies can't catch up with the needs of EV drivers. At the same time, many small companies also offer home charging units, but those units are very expensive and require special housing conditions.

Potential market for shared home charging units

If all the home charging units can be shared in the neighborhood, there will be more and more accessible charging points. Accessible charging points in the neighborhood can benefit both the hosts and the end-users. In long term, this can help create an EV neighborhood in which more and more people start to drive EV cars.



Notifications & route plan for charging EV with one of the neighbor’s charging points

Yellow sign indicating that less than 30% range left. When there is less than 30% range left, notification will show up. Notification will also recommend a nearby neighbor charging unit. When planning a trip, the neigibor’s charging point can be one of the top-recommended options.


value & impact

Zap aims to create more and more EV neighborhoods for a sustainable future. In short term, Zap can focus on making better (level 3 or higher) home charging products and rent/sell to EV charging hosts. At the same time, Zap offers to charge services for EV drivers. So that there will be fewer range problems for EV drivers, which encourages more and more drivers to get EV cars. This will create a healthy cycle for business growth and maintain a sustainable future.