Grow to be the great designers!
Reject mediocre design.
Designers can come from different backgrounds. To be the greatest ones, you don’t have to graduate from art schools. Actually, no matter what you have learned from school, it will never be enough. To be great designers, you have to know a bit of everything. Not just design, but also data, engineering, marketing, and business. And sometimes, even a bit management skill.
A challenge for future design.
Machine in future will exceed human intelligence. Human brain has flaws. Machine has been becoming and will be more tremendously be our extended mind.New human machine interaction require seamlessly action and response between human and machine. Despite the fact that machine cannot have human emotions, however, we human do treat machine emotionally. Building “emotion” of machine has been a hot topic in Artificial Intelligence. The main thing here is that designing for human emotion is a new HCI challenge.
Future is in our hands
The world is changing, and so is the design. I am Ruixin. I am gathering thoughts in this! You will be very welcomed if you work in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, big data, or cloud system. Interested to share your thoughts and become leading guests for formulas? Contact me via
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