#Design #Vision

Mapping design vision & principles while approaching transition period from digital to physical

"Well, you mentioned IoT, that is where physical and digital collides. So two things, one of the things is product strategy, UX strategy or UX vision. For me, that is to set the direction of where to go. The thing is we probably never reach there because it is an end state. "

Carlo van de Berg.  Design Leader · 11 min

#Design #Data

The evolving and increasing demand of data visualization and its basic design process

"The first thing you need to do for data visualization projects, as also for every single design projects, is to understand that what is the story you want to tell? And what is the problem you are trying to solve? Is data visualization something necessary for your project?"

Marco Ferraz.  Product Manager · 5 min

#Design #Talents

How to make sure you pick the right talents for your design team and help the team to gorw?

"As a manager, you also need to constantly think about that - is this the right set up of the talents, or do we want to raise the quality - so that to raise the talent by either hiring more people, or training people. And it is my job to identify talents and identify superpowers. I call it superpowers because I believe that everyone has a talent as their superpower. Just like heros doing in the movies. Everyone is a hero, but everyone has their own superpower. We are not unicorns."

Carlo van de Berg.  Design Leader · 7 min

#Design #Misunderstanding

The real meaning and objective of design and common misunderstandings from others

"I think design field has a challenge of “explaining”, that is, what is the bar of design and if it is only about beautifying stuff and (analyzing) statistics, that is a very immature way of explaining design. It is more than that. But I just realize that everyone of us in this sort of design field still have hard times of explaining that."

Carlo van de Berg.  Design Leader · 11 min

#Design #Process

The common product design process and what’s coming next for the future digital product design?

"There are so many voices about design methods and design thinking in this ever-changing digital world. In this article, I will take you through to the current major UX design process and several new approaches to the design for the future world."

Ruixin Zhang.  Founder of Formulas · 9 min

#DesignInChina #Hangzhou

Work as a UX designer in Hangzhou - fun fact on designers' career path

“近年来互联网界的设计职位已经越来越少了。大的方向上来讲,行业内职位竞争激烈,高级设计师也逐渐趋于饱和。对于很多刚毕业的大学生来讲, 有时候也并不能直接上手。对于一些国外毕业回来的海归来讲,如果之前有些实习经验,再加上自己个人的设计方面的经验和阅历,是可以尽快上手工作的。刚工作2-3年的设计师在做方案本身上, 产出和高级设计师的不相上下。然而对于很多高级设计师来讲的,可以在处理工作中合作关系和了解宏观产品方向上占很大优势。如果两方面可以多多合作交流,应该会产出很优秀的作品。"

Yun Chen.  Senior Designer · 39 min

#DesignInChina #Beijing

Design artist in Beijing - design localization and future design trends

“设计体系不同导致大家偏好的设计会有所不同。当代艺术是从西方传来的 到了中国相对较晚 从体系形成上较晚。而且在中国的很多城市中根深蒂固的审美是没有和世界接轨的。我们虽然已经到了2020年 但是大家对设计的接受能力还停留在20世纪初。设计的环境很关键 这些大环境就像是是土壤一样。各个城市的设计与各自的开放程度有关 比如在一些港口城市信息流动大 这些城市的对新设计的包容性就更强 随之审美度可能就更高。”

Gio Jiao.  Designer & Artist · 47 min

#Design #Culture

Grow as the solo designer in a start-up company in Amsterdam


Xiaoyu Shen.  Design Lead · 35 min

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