Project Homie.
Comfortable home for new graduates


Ruixin J. Zhang


In some big cities of China, it is very hard for new graduates who just start working to find a proper apartment to rent. The product focuses on building high-quality living apartments, which more and more ”BeiPiao” can find their meaning for life.


Create a living & working community for new graduates while starting their first jobs


A high-quality living apartments with additional apartment services

Typical problematic housing market

There is a high demand each year when thousands of students graduating from big cities and starting their new life there. However, there are few reasonable rental offers for them. With a price that they can afford, they can get a shared apartment, but, with a lot more problems (Messy kitchen & toilet with roommates; Sneaky landlord).

New-graduates’ pain points

For new graduates, it’s not easy to go through this. They suffer from physical/mental health issues. And sometimes, even basic privacy and safety cannot be ensured. There are existing online rental services. The normal rental is a shared apartment with little spaces. Those issues mentioned above still exist. To have better space, the price is very expensive.

Potential market

Remote working becomes the new trend. More and more people want to work at home or even work in another country. They need someplace to live, as well as working and socializing.


concepts brainstorming


use cases & flows

Explore space types

An overview of all the space types and their locations/price. A intro banner of creating own space.

My home overview

After reserved the room, user can reserve related services (extra place, or cleaning)

Home detail view

User can see all the room details and related services.

Map and reserve

Detailed view also offers information like location and other details.

Customize users’ own room

User can customize their own rooms inside the app (add furniture, paint the wall, etc.)


value & impact

The number of new graduates each year is constantly growing. The product can maintain solid yearly market shares. The product itself can also booth the brand in society. Besides, the service can potentially extend to people from other countries who come to the city to do a remote work trip. It doesn’t matter what kind of apartments those students live in, it matters what kind of environment those students are in. The environment can’t change a person, but the whole group of people can change the environment. The product focuses on building high-quality living apartments, which more and more ”BeiPiao” can find their meaning for life. For success measurement, we can look into room-booking rates; rental amounts; and feedback from users.