Project Light.
Emotional lighting


Ruixin J. Zhang


IoT and 5G, open up the world and push it to the next level. Everything will be connected, everything at home will be under control with a fingertip, a waving hand, or just some small words with the voice agent. However, people are less and less connected as well socially. Project Light is focusing on helping people control home lighting and explore emotional dynamic lighting experience.


Create a comprehensive home lighting control system for smart homeowners and extend the light function to the health field.


A mobile app that helps people with smart home lighting to have fun with their lights through the power of the new emotional dynamic light experience.

Plan home lighting products

Choose smart home lighting products can be very tricky sometimes. Choosing lighting products should be involved very early in the interior design process. Lighting should be able to support multiple different user needs, and should also serve aesthetic purposes(e.g. highlight a painting). There are a couple of other things to consider while choosing lighting products, such as researching technical details, and making sure proper and sufficient light. The App can facilitate that activity by enabling users to create their rooms with their needs, activities, and style of interior design. And based on the input from users, the app can suggest smart lighting products accordingly.

Control home lighting system effortlessly

Many smart lighting products in the market offer a very complicated home lighting control app. However, in a real-life home lighting situation, users do not need to change different colors for different lamps or set up with the complicated light routine in different rooms. The App provides a much simpler version of home lighting control (simple whole room on/off control; adjustable whole day routine; etc.). And the interactions are more intuitive and focused.

Emotional dynamic lighting experience at home

In nature, lighting has never been stable. They always keep changing and are very dynamic. To bring that experience home, the App enables that dynamic lighting experience via smart lighting technology. Based on the frequency of the sounds, the app can translate the user's voice or any sounds users make to a set of dynamic lighting with brightness change. Based on the rhythm of the sounds, the app can change the lighting speed accordingly. And based on the melody of a certain piece of music, the app can make some color change accordingly. So that user can pick a piece of music to play, and change the whole room lighting according to that music dynamically. And the same theory can apply to the imagery as well. Users can search a video streaming online and make that video imagery to a home lighting experience, or simply enable the users to add several beautiful pictures from the user's album and bring that memory back home again.


emotional impact of light
to human well-being

Whole room lighting control

Tap to turn on, and tap again to turn off the last scene the users picked. Force touch to go to the room lights detail control.

Room scenes and lamps control

Pick a scene, add a customized new scene, or go to a specific lamp detail control.

Emotion detection

Create a emotional lighting scene that fit best with the mood of the user.

Lamp control

Change intensity and color of a specific light, or customize the color of the lamp as a color scene.

Choose a relaxation playlist

The app offers a list of personlized emotional dynamic music scenes. Tap to play, and force touch to go to the detailed view.

A playlist with light and sound to relax

The detailed view consists of a list of relaxation scenes, and it is customizable. After a scene played, there will be a small widget at the bottom of the screen. Users can stop it at any time on any screen.

Choose the right lights for home

Users can add all users’ room inside the app. Then sey up the needs, activities, functions, and styles of each room. The app can suggest the lighting products that match with all those input together. For instance, for the kitchen that is an open space, and has a dinning area inside, users at least need a task lighting for cooking, a task lighting for dinning, and some other lighting for creating ambience and mood inside the kitchen area.


value & impact

For end-users, the app helps them to be aware of getting the right lights for specific areas in their spaces so that they can enjoy the full benefits of proper lighting at home. It also helps them to control their lights more fluently compared to other smart lighting products in the market. Furthermore, it helps them to create the "next level" of home lighting experience, which is very dynamic with customized changing patterns along with sound, imagery, and more.

For lighting products “designers”, the usage data from this app can help them to connect to the “struggling decision-making audience” on their needs and values while using smart home lighting products.

For lighting products business owners, the App helps to increase traffic and conversion rates for their website and provide more opportunities to product selling.