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Formulas Studio is an innovation-driven digital product design studio. We want to create a magical future everywhere. And we want to help we get there.
One of the main goals of Formulas Studio is to create a magical future everywhere. And light is always an important part of it.
Thomas Edison invented the first electric light bulb.
Emergence of smart lighting products - Hue & Nanoleaf Aurora.
Advanced light projection technique that turns objects into a display surface for video projection.
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Light is bundled with electric objects.
Light becomes dynamic and can be projected anywhere.
Light, in history, has a tremendous impact on human life. Sunlight, as the main source of light on Earth, provides the main energy for plants to create natural sugars, so to feed all kinds of living things.

Light has become a magical thing when people started to use it. Light helps people live in the dark and guide people through the dark. Lights have been changing. We humans, always mimic the natural light and try to get the "sunlight" in the night.
“Nature and nature's laws lay hid in Night. / God said, 'Let Newton be!' and all was light.”
- Isaac Newton
light is particles
Einstein calls the light particles photon.  It might be very hard to imagine the fact that the light is a flow of photons, probably in a way that we can't see. But it is always there if we zoom in. They split, they collide, they transform with the forces outside.

Natural light is dynamic in many ways. With projection mapping, we can make that dynamic light happen more vividly.

Comfortable, engaging, vivid, and energetic, this can goes on and on. When we are exposed to nature, we feel those great emotional feelings. Projection mapping - also called video mapping and spatial augmented reality - has been used in light Art design for years. What if we can bring that technology into everyone’s daily life? With projection mapping, we can make that dynamic light happen more vividly in our workspace, home, and anywhere else. Not only that, with the development of TUI - Tangible User Interface - that light effect can be changed while humans interact with it. And with special AR (augmented reality), we can make the computer-generated light directly to the human's environment. We can go through, stay there, meditate, release, and then free to get out anytime and anywhere.

We, humans, mimic light that comes from nature with dynamic.

With all sorts of technology today, we can go beyond our imagination on how light can be. Light effects created by Cinema 4D and X-particles - water waving, foggy, explosive effect, air, and more with the simulation of natural enforcement, such as turbulence, explosion and gravity, etc.

We aim to design product experiences that bring magical light to everyone. We can make it like magic.

From Light Bulb to the Projected Light Magic.
With the development of projection mapping technology and the development of smart lighting products, we can see a trend that light art can be at everyone’s home.
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