Magical World In Your Eye
Today, more and more contents are personalised. In the future, everyone can see a different world in front of their eyes. Human User Interface is everywhere in our life. From mobile phone, desktop screens to TV screens. We interact with information around us intuitively with personalised contents.
Augmented Reality
Hologram and AR enable us to go into the new Spatial UI world with new “reality”
Gesture Control
Gesture recognition via changing of wifi signals
Beyond Desktop

Technology grows, always, faster than you think. New technologies are employing and leveraging our natural, bodily interaction abilities and embedding computing within the social and physical contexts in which we live and work.
“The most profound technologies are those that can disappear.”
- Mark Weiser: Father of Ubiquitous Computing & Calm Technology

Natural light is dynamic in many ways. With projection mapping, we can make that dynamic light happen more vividly with augmented reality.

Human offload lots of effort to technology. As machine is getting smarter, we are getting smarter as well.

Search technologies enable us to rely on internet to recognise or remember things.
Advanced Artificial Intelligence
We humans can learn by ourselves. Same with artificial intelligence, the most advanced intelligence of the machine is the ability of learning by the machine itself.

3D data visual
ization for Big Data

Data becomes more complicated than before - multi-dimensional visualisations provide a more comprehensive presentation of the data.
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