Dream not big, but different.
This is just our story.

Formulas launched in Amsterdam in 2021 with the aspiration to to help growing start-up companies do web platform, mobile App, IoT product design and marketing. Not like many “big” agencies, Formulas aims to help start-ups to build their brand and product within a small budget, but still with decent design quality. It is all about fast iteration, we launch and test - this is the ultimate approach to the new world.


“It is not so difficult to dream big, but why does it matter? We should, always, dream different.”

We believe that creativity is about diverging and focusing. It comes out from discussions of limitations, constraints and concerns. When we design and build new things, we always try a different perspective so that we can see things differently. If we connect the small dots, then magic can happen.

Ruixin J. Zhang

Over 10 years experience of designing digital products and websites for big companies (Microsoft, Baidu, Philips) as well as small start-ups (Impraise, Hunch.ai, Fanying, etc.)

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We are NOT Just A UI Studio

Early in 2021, Formulas has launched Formulas Partner Program. We collaborate with other studios or individuals to create “magic” stuff together. So far, we have been doing some design community activities, and creative concept design projects. Feel free to reach us to learn more about it or collaborate with us to do something great together! We can be stronger together!

How to join the Formulas Partner Program?
Please send us your or your company's information, project descirption, and way of collaboration you would like via email.