Goodbye f(f).

We are an innovation-driven digital product design studio. One of our main focus is to help start-up companies do web platform, mobile App, IoT product design and marketing. We listen, research, design, validate and iterate. We offer an all-in-one service with the whole product design and marketing for your launching product.

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“Magic Beyond Your Imagination.”

We believe that creativity is about diverging and focusing. It comes out from discussions of limitations, constraints and concerns. When we design and build new things, we always try a different perspective so that we can see things differently. If we connect the small dots, then magic can happen.


Create Workable, Beautiful, and Touching Experience.

We want to create a magical future everywhere. And we want to help you get there. From brand, product to marketing, we offer start-up companies a cheaper ($$) way to reach their business goals.

How much does it cost to design a brand, website or a product?
The design service fee ($~$$) starts from 5k Euros, can be up to 25k Euros depending on the projects (needs, amount of work, outsourcing, licensing, etc.). We make sure it works within your budget. We can scale it down together.

How long does it take for each project?
We design and build stuff with fast iteration. We aim to help start-up to move forward faster. Normally a web project cost 1-2 month, a App product cost 3-6 month. You can see our Previous Works here.

Do you do website build?
Yes. We build a website using Webflow. We design and build simple HTML/CSS pages and pages or sites with a Content Management System or a eCommerce platform.

Have you been working with other clients already?
Of course. Since launched in 2021, we have been working with several brands or companies already - Intellipro Group, Impraise, ProctorExam(TurnItIn), Neiwai, etc.

Still not sure? Here are some special offers for all potential clients.
We give each of our clients an extra design system for each design project in Figma so that each client can build new stuff on their own. We offer a free pitch design for the first time you reach us.